In the 16 years that I have known Chul, I am inspired by his technical expertise, his ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges, and his willingness to share his knowledge and mentor his juniors.I’ll never forget the generous Java help Chul so willingly offered me back in 2001 when I was a ‘newbie’.  It was crucial in my delivering my first project @ ITG.He’s since been my go-to person for all tech questions; and he almost always has an answer, and in the rare instances when he doesn’t, he takes it upon himself to research and point me in the right direction.

In the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to work closely with Chul.  He led the Equities TCA team, implement several major architectural changes.

When Chul is on a task, one can rest assured that he will own the task one hundred percent, from design to successful delivery.

Project Manager
Investment Technology Group

I worked with Chul for a few years while I was product manager for ITG’s pre-trade analytics platform.  During the years we worked together, I developed a great respect for Chul’s keen ability to solve and implement a variety of complicated projects.He is adept at working with complex analytics/models, as well as being a talented software architect.

He was often relied upon by the team to take care of the most difficult projects and typically finished them in relatively short time frames.

In addition to being efficient and productive, Chul is a pleasure to work with.  He has an easy-going personality, works well independently and as a contributor to team efforts, and has a responsible work ethic.

I am absolutely pleased to recommend Chul and his work!

Former Product Manager
Investment Technology Group

Chul is one of the most technically capable software engineers I have worked with at ITG at the beginning of my career.

Chul is the systems architect you can rely on to develop and deploy a distributed system from scratch.

If you have a technical question no other team member can answer, probably you forgot to ask Chul.  Chul will have the answer.

If you are at loss on which design pattern you should be using, or how your code should be architected, you can always get the best advice from Chul.

If you want to make sure your project is delivered on time, and every team member is getting help when needed, make sure to have Chul on you team.

I am thankful I had the chance to work, with and learn from Chul.  Every year I worked with Chul and my team members at ITG, I expanded my knowledge by light years.

If the circumstances allow me to work again on the same team Chul is on, I would jump in a heartbeat with no hesitation.

Chul will definitely be an asset to any organization.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group

Chul is keenly devoted to his work, and is an exceptional software engineering architect.  He is enthusiastic about technology, and is always one of the early adopters.

I enjoyed teaming up with him on assignments and was impressed by his ability to thrive under adversity.

His biggest strength is his ability to make everyone around him a better software engineer.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group

Over the past three years, I have developed a great respect working along with you.

You have always been a benchmark of best technologist for me.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group