Architecture – A Beautiful Idea

The underlying foundation of every masterpiece, whether a Renaissance painting, a Beethoven symphony, a mathematical theorem, a magnificent building, or a bridge that still stands the test of time in beauty and function, inspiring later generations, is the same – it is Architecture.

Architecture in software and systems design has become increasingly important in a world ever more dependent on technology; a world where systems continue to become more complex, people demand seamless function, and the non-relatedness of one part can mean a fatal crisis of the system down the line with real world consequences.

Masterful software/systems architecture allows IT talent to work confidently in concert together in a symphony of creative expression and innovation whose performance delivers outstanding results for both companies and their product’s end users, while saving time and money in the long run, and placing product reliability on a firm foundation.

New Potentials – New Challenges

Within the past twenty years, it has become possible to use labor located overseas, accessing and integrating remote talent, making work collaborations possible that would have been unthinkable under 19th and 20th century work paradigms; but without a premium put on the role of a master architect and a cogent architectural vision with leadership that is based on knowledge capital developed over years of experience, one can end up with something more like the Tower of Babel than the Great Pyramids or the Taj Mahal.

Whether in-house, virtually-linked, or a combination of the two, to try to save money by letting engineers just ‘go at it’ without an experienced architect to overlook, or to design plans, would be the same as allowing various artisans and craftspeople to arrive on your plot and just start building your house without a masterful architectural plan.  It is doubtful that the results would be your dream home – if it functioned at all.

Imagine stairs leading to nowhere; backtracking and convoluted electrical wiring that could short circuit and burn the structure down – if it didn’t electrocute someone first – and plumbing that doesn’t work.  Not only might you not be pleased with the results, you might have to spend much time and money trying to fix it, if you could fix it at all without having to scrap the whole thing and begin again.

Your company project’s key software products and infrastructure deserve better for success and peace of mind.

A Key Step – And a Wise Investment

The choice you make in retaining the eye and services of a master architect makes for projects that are more likely to succeed without costly re-dos or public relations nightmares when systems or products don’t work.  It should be a key step and a wise investment, which will pay back dividends in teams that are more confident and motivated, having been given better guidelines and systems overview by a seasoned architect with years of experience working with in-house and far-flung teams whose members have worked in concert under his direction from other states across the continental United States, and other countries.

There is a binary analogy to the architecture of both software and bridges – ‘Either it works, or it does not’ – and you don’t want to be standing under the fall-out of either one if they don’t!

If you are stepping out with a new company or product, you want to have confidence that the final effect will be a symphonic harmony, rather than cacophonous disharmony.  In short, a Masterwork that you can be proud of.

If you are an established company that is publicly traded, news from angry, frustrated software clients can hit the street and quickly spread, with shares dropping, causing a lasting negative resonance of loss of customer trust and investor reticence, even loss of employee confidence.  You can build insurance against such negative potential, by hedging your bets and hiring of a masterful systems architect, whether at the beginning of a project, or to troubleshoot.

You wouldn’t try to build your dream house without the help of a seasoned architect.  Don’t trust your company’s products or services, and excellent reputation to anything less than Masterwork Solutions.

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Masterwork Solutions CEO, ‘s passion for computers and information technology began very early, with the arrival of his first computer.

Like the man from TRON he became both immersively adapted to the world of computers, and fluent in the language of intelligent machines.  It is his natural element for most of his life; continually reaching out and grasping for what is new and evolving, glimpsing a vision of how it can be used, and how to integrate it into the varied and nuanced toolbox of this, now maestro’s repertoire.

With years of virtuoso performances behind him and orchestrating masterful symphonies from teams of engineering talent, he offers the services of his vision and experience to a wider audience and clientele, whether they are based in the United States, Internationally, or a combination of both.

His accomplishments and qualifications may be found here.


  • Designing systems architecture for a project from the ground up.
  • Software and systems implementation.
  • Redesigning existing but inefficient architecture to more seamlessly perform and meet client needs.
  • Assessing systems architecture already in use to troubleshoot and suggest improvements.
  • Giving suggestions and oversight to in-house teams to implement an architectural plan.
  • Assisting in building and implementation of original designs.

Masterworks Solutions is available to consult on projects for corp-to-corp (C2C) contracts, either remotely, within a reasonable commuting distance, or a combination of both; interfacing with team leaders, key executives, and engineering talent.

Northern Virginia areas that are commutable include the following:

  • Sterling
  • Reston
  • Herndon
  • Dulles
  • Fairfax
  • McLean
  • Vienna
  • Tyson’s Corner
  • Great Falls
  • Ashburn
  • Leesburg

Companies further afield in other states or countries, can access a variety of consulting services remotely and using Skype.  In some cases, limited travel may be arranged, on terms to be discussed.

I look forward to talking with you to discuss your needs, and how I can be of assistance to the realization of your architecture goals.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Professional Experience


My business background reflects deep knowledge and technical mastery with an emphasis on the planning of cutting-edge software architecture and oversight of its successful implementation; along with hands-on experience in all phases of software development, hardware integration, and maintenance.  I have spearheaded many complex IT implementations, including large-scale projects, global processes, and technology executions.

I bring to my clients, master level knowledge of the financial sector and related technologies, with seventeen years of experience in that technology sector, particularly in the areas of trading analytics.  I am a Java technology specialist with eighteen years of experience with Java and associated technologies.

Adept at Recognizing Business and Technology Shifts in a continually evolving climate, I make it my business to stay on the leading front of emerging global business paradigms.  To this end, I have become well versed in cloud technologies, and am a certified AWS Solutions Solutions Architect.

As a strategic technical leader of many years, I have repeatedly been recognized as a respected team builder and an efficient negotiator, serving as the fluent liaison between the IT and other business departments in order to establish seamless operations, and obtain mutually beneficial outcomes, with a talent for molding groups of employees and contractors to their best performances.  I am proud to say that many of these people have gone on to even more mastery and success in their careers.  Their appreciation, that I made a difference to their knowledge and skills as as technologists, means a great deal to me.

In hiring Masterwork Solutions, you as a client can feel confident of the benefits of having a seasoned adviser with the full complement of project and business management skills, along with the ability to communicate, build rapport, and create consensus at all levels of the organization.

My complete résumé can be downloaded .


In the 16 years that I have known Chul, I am inspired by his technical expertise, his ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges, and his willingness to share his knowledge and mentor his juniors.I’ll never forget the generous Java help Chul so willingly offered me back in 2001 when I was a ‘newbie’.  It was crucial in my delivering my first project @ ITG.He’s since been my go-to person for all tech questions; and he almost always has an answer, and in the rare instances when he doesn’t, he takes it upon himself to research and point me in the right direction.

In the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to work closely with Chul.  He led the Equities TCA team, implement several major architectural changes.

When Chul is on a task, one can rest assured that he will own the task one hundred percent, from design to successful delivery.

Project Manager
Investment Technology Group

I worked with Chul for a few years while I was product manager for ITG’s pre-trade analytics platform.  During the years we worked together, I developed a great respect for Chul’s keen ability to solve and implement a variety of complicated projects.He is adept at working with complex analytics/models, as well as being a talented software architect.

He was often relied upon by the team to take care of the most difficult projects and typically finished them in relatively short time frames.

In addition to being efficient and productive, Chul is a pleasure to work with.  He has an easy-going personality, works well independently and as a contributor to team efforts, and has a responsible work ethic.

I am absolutely pleased to recommend Chul and his work!

Former Product Manager
Investment Technology Group

Chul is one of the most technically capable software engineers I have worked with at ITG at the beginning of my career.

Chul is the systems architect you can rely on to develop and deploy a distributed system from scratch.

If you have a technical question no other team member can answer, probably you forgot to ask Chul.  Chul will have the answer.

If you are at loss on which design pattern you should be using, or how your code should be architected, you can always get the best advice from Chul.

If you want to make sure your project is delivered on time, and every team member is getting help when needed, make sure to have Chul on you team.

I am thankful I had the chance to work, with and learn from Chul.  Every year I worked with Chul and my team members at ITG, I expanded my knowledge by light years.

If the circumstances allow me to work again on the same team Chul is on, I would jump in a heartbeat with no hesitation.

Chul will definitely be an asset to any organization.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group

Chul is keenly devoted to his work, and is an exceptional software engineering architect.  He is enthusiastic about technology, and is always one of the early adopters.

I enjoyed teaming up with him on assignments and was impressed by his ability to thrive under adversity.

His biggest strength is his ability to make everyone around him a better software engineer.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group

Over the past three years, I have developed a great respect working along with you.

You have always been a benchmark of best technologist for me.

Former Team Member
Investment Technology Group


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